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| [[File:treetop.png|16px]] || [[Tree Top]]
| [[File:treetop.png|16px]] || [[Tree Top]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Pillar.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Pillar]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Broken_Pillar.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Broken Pillar]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Sand.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Sand]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Sandstone.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Sandstone]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Smooth_Sandstone.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Smooth Sandstone]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Black.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Black]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Blue.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Blue]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Brown.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Brown]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Cyan.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Cyan]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Green.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Green]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Grey.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Grey]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Light_Blue.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Light Blue]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Lime.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Lime]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Magenta.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Magenta]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Orange.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Orange]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Pink.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Pink]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Purple.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Purple]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Red.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Red]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Silver.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Silver]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_White.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra White]]
| [[File:Grid_Ultra_Yellow.png|16px]] || [[Ultra_Blocks|Ultra Yellow]]
| [[File:unownblockex.png|16px]] || [[Unown Blocks|Unown Block '!']]
| [[File:unownblockex.png|16px]] || [[Unown Blocks|Unown Block '!']]
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| [[File:chair.png]] || [[Chair]]
| [[File:chair.png]] || [[Chair]]
| [[File:celestial_altar.png|16px]] || [[Celestial Altar]]
| [[File:clothedtable.png]] || [[Clothed Table]]
| [[File:clothedtable.png]] || [[Clothed Table]]

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Brailleblockemptybase.png Braille Block _
Brailleblockcomma.png Braille Block ,
Brailleblockperiod.png Braille Block .
Brailleblocka.png Braille Block A
Brailleblockb.png Braille Block B
Brailleblockc.png Braille Block C
Brailleblockd.png Braille Block D
Brailleblocke.png Braille Block E
Brailleblockf.png Braille Block F
Brailleblockg.png Braille Block G
Brailleblockh.png Braille Block H
Brailleblocki.png Braille Block I
Brailleblockj.png Braille Block J
Brailleblockk.png Braille Block K
Brailleblockl.png Braille Block L
Brailleblockm.png Braille Block M
Brailleblockn.png Braille Block N
Brailleblocko.png Braille Block O
Brailleblockp.png Braille Block P
Brailleblockq.png Braille Block Q
Brailleblockr.png Braille Block R
Brailleblocks.png Braille Block S
Brailleblockt.png Braille Block T
Brailleblocku.png Braille Block U
Brailleblockv.png Braille Block V
Brailleblockw.png Braille Block W
Brailleblockx.png Braille Block X
Brailleblocky.png Braille Block Y
Brailleblockz.png Braille Block Z
Bridgeblock.png Bridge Block
Brokenpillar.png Broken Pillar
Caverock.png Cave Rock
Dustyruinswall.png Dusty Ruins Wall
Insidewallmolding.png Inside Wall Moulding
Insidewall.png Inside Wall
Outsidewall.png Outside Wall
Pokemartsign.png Poké Mart Sign
Pokecentersign.png PokéCenter Sign
Pokedirt.png PokéDirt
Pokegrass.png PokéGrass
Pokesandc1.png PokéSand Corner 1
Pokesandc2.png PokéSand Corner 2
Pokesandc3.png PokéSand Corner 3
Pokesandc4.png PokéSand Corner 4
Pokesands1.png PokéSand Side 1
Pokesands2.png PokéSand Side 2
Pokesands3.png PokéSand Side 3
Pokesands4.png PokéSand Side 4
Pokesand.png PokéSand
Rock.png Rock
Ruinswall.png Ruins Wall
Sandygrass.png Sandy Grass
Shinglesc1.png Shingles Corner 1
Shinglesc2.png Shingles Corner 2
Shingles.png Shingles
Templeblock.png Temple Block
Templebrickstairs.png Temple Brick Stairs
Templebrick.png Temple Brick
Pillar.png Temple Pillar
Templestairs.png Temple Stairs
Treebottom.png Tree Bottom
Treetop.png Tree Top
Grid Ultra Pillar.png Ultra Pillar
Grid Ultra Broken Pillar.png Ultra Broken Pillar
Grid Ultra Sand.png Ultra Sand
Grid Ultra Sandstone.png Ultra Sandstone
Grid Ultra Smooth Sandstone.png Ultra Smooth Sandstone
Grid Ultra Black.png Ultra Black
Grid Ultra Blue.png Ultra Blue
Grid Ultra Brown.png Ultra Brown
Grid Ultra Cyan.png Ultra Cyan
Grid Ultra Green.png Ultra Green
Grid Ultra Grey.png Ultra Grey
Grid Ultra Light Blue.png Ultra Light Blue
Grid Ultra Lime.png Ultra Lime
Grid Ultra Magenta.png Ultra Magenta
Grid Ultra Orange.png Ultra Orange
Grid Ultra Pink.png Ultra Pink
Grid Ultra Purple.png Ultra Purple
Grid Ultra Red.png Ultra Red
Grid Ultra Silver.png Ultra Silver
Grid Ultra White.png Ultra White
Grid Ultra Yellow.png Ultra Yellow
Unownblockex.png Unown Block '!'
Unownblockqu.png Unown Block '?'
Unownblocka.png Unown Block 'A'
Unownblockb.png Unown Block 'B'
Unownblockc.png Unown Block 'C'
Unownblockd.png Unown Block 'D'
Unownblocke.png Unown Block 'E'
Unownblockf.png Unown Block 'F'
Unownblockg.png Unown Block 'G'
Unownblockh.png Unown Block 'H'
Unownblocki.png Unown Block 'I'
Unownblockj.png Unown Block 'J'
Unownblockk.png Unown Block 'K'
Unownblockl.png Unown Block 'L'
Unownblockm.png Unown Block 'M'
Unownblockn.png Unown Block 'N'
Unownblocko.png Unown Block 'O'
Unownblockp.png Unown Block 'P'
Unownblockq.png Unown Block 'Q'
Unownblockr.png Unown Block 'R'
Unownblocks.png Unown Block 'S'
Unownblockt.png Unown Block 'T'
Unownblocku.png Unown Block 'U'
Unownblockv.png Unown Block 'V'
Unownblockw.png Unown Block 'W'
Unownblockx.png Unown Block 'X'
Unownblocky.png Unown Block 'Y'
Unownblockz.png Unown Block 'Z'
Window1.png Window 1
Window2.png Window 2
Woodenflooring.png Wooden Flooring
Castlebrick.png Castle Brick
Castlebrick2.png Castle Brick 2
Castleblock.png Castle Block
Castleblockcracked.png Castle Block 2
Castlegrey.png Grey Castle Brick
Castlegrey2.png Grey Castle Brick 2
Castlewhite.png White Castle Brick
Castlewhite2.png White Castle Brick 2
Castlewall.png Castle Wall
Castlewall2.png Castle Wall 2
Castlewall3.png Castle Wall 3
Castlewall4.png Castle Wall 4
Icebrick.png Ice Brick
Icepillartop.png Ice Pillar Top
Icepillarside.png Ice Pillar Side
Castlepillarnormal.png Castle Pillar
Castlebrokenpillar.png Broken Castle Pillar
Whitepillarnormal.png White Pillar
Whitebrokenpillar.png Broken White Pillar


Blackclock.png Black Clock
Blueclock.png Blue Clock
Brownclock.png Brown Clock
Cyanclock.png Cyan Clock
Greyclock.png Grey Clock
Greenclock.png Green Clock
Lightblueclock.png Light Blue Clock
Lightgreyclock.png Light Grey Clock
Limeclock.png Lime Clock
Magentaclock.png Magenta Clock
Orangeclock.png Orange Clock
Pinkclock.png Pink Clock
Purpleclock.png Purple Clock
Redclock.png Red Clock
Whiteclock.png White Clock
Yellowclock.png Yellow Clock

Cushion Chairs

Blackcushionchair.png Black Cushion Chair
Bluecushionchair.png Blue Cushion Chair
Browncushionchair.png Brown Cushion Chair
Cyancushionchair.png Cyan Cushion Chair
Greycushionchair.png Grey Cushion Chair
Greencushionchair.png Green Cushion Chair
Lightbluecushionchair.png Light Blue Cushion Chair
Lightgreycushionchair.png Light Grey Cushion Chair
Limecushionchair.png Lime Cushion Chair
Magentacushionchair.png Magenta Cushion Chair
Orangecushionchair.png Orange Cushion Chair
Pinkcushionchair.png Pink Cushion Chair
Purplecushionchair.png Purple Cushion Chair
Redcushionchair.png Red Cushion Chair
Whitecushionchair.png White Cushion Chair
Yellowcushionchair.png Yellow Cushion Chair


Azurill pokedoll.png Azurill Pokedoll
Baltoy pokedoll.png Baltoy Pokedoll
Blastoise pokedoll.png Blastoise Pokedoll
Charizard pokedoll.png Charizard Pokedoll
Chikorita pokedoll.png Chikorita Pokedoll
Clefairy pokedoll.png Clefairy Pokedoll
Cyndaquil pokedoll.png Cyndaquil Pokedoll
Ditto pokedoll.png Ditto Pokedoll
Duskull pokedoll.png Duskull Pokedoll
Gulpin pokedoll.png Gulpin Pokedoll
Jigglypuff pokedoll.png Jigglypuff Pokedoll
Kecleon pokedoll.png Kecleon Pokedoll
Lapras pokedoll.png Lapras Pokedoll
Lotad pokedoll.png Lotad Pokedoll
Marill pokedoll.png Marill Pokedoll
Meowth pokedoll.png Meowth Pokedoll
Mudkip pokedoll.png Mudkip Pokedoll
Pichu pokedoll.png Pichu Pokedoll
Pikachu pokedoll.png Pikachu Pokedoll
Regice pokedoll.png Regice Pokedoll
Regirock pokedoll.png Regirock Pokedoll
Registeel pokedoll.png Registeel Pokedoll
Rhydon pokedoll.png Rhydon Pokedoll
Seedot pokedoll.png Seedot Pokedoll
Skitty pokedoll.png Skitty Pokedoll
Smoochum pokedoll.png Smoochum Pokedoll
Snorlax pokedoll.png Snorlax Pokedoll
Substitute pokedoll.png Substitute Pokedoll
Swablu pokedoll.png Swablu Pokedoll
Togepi pokedoll.png Togepi Pokedoll
Torchic pokedoll.png Torchic Pokedoll
Totodile pokedoll.png Totodile Pokedoll
Treecko pokedoll.png Treecko Pokedoll
Venusaur pokedoll.png Venusaur Pokedoll
Wailmer pokedoll.png Wailmer Pokedoll
Wynaut pokedoll.png Wynaut Pokedoll
Azurill shinypokedoll.png Shiny Azurill Pokedoll
Baltoy shinypokedoll.png Shiny Baltoy Pokedoll
Blastoise shinypokedoll.png Shiny Blastoise Pokedoll
Charizard shinypokedoll.png Shiny Charizard Pokedoll
Chikorita shinypokedoll.png Shiny Chikorita Pokedoll
Clefairy shinypokedoll.png Shiny Clefairy Pokedoll
Cyndaquil shinypokedoll.png Shiny Cyndaquil Pokedoll
Ditto shinypokedoll.png Shiny Ditto Pokedoll
Duskull shinypokedoll.png Shiny Duskull Pokedoll
Gulpin shinypokedoll.png Shiny Gulpin Pokedoll
Jigglypuff shinypokedoll.png Shiny Jigglypuff Pokedoll
Kecleon shinypokedoll.png Shiny Kecleon Pokedoll
Lapras shinypokedoll.png Shiny Lapras Pokedoll
Lotad shinypokedoll.png Shiny Lotad Pokedoll
Marill shinypokedoll.png Shiny Marill Pokedoll
Meowth shinypokedoll.png Shiny Meowth Pokedoll
Mudkip shinypokedoll.png Shiny Mudkip Pokedoll
Pichu shinypokedoll.png Shiny Pichu Pokedoll
Pikachu shinypokedoll.png Shiny Pikachu Pokedoll
Regice shinypokedoll.png Shiny Regice Pokedoll
Regirock shinypokedoll.png Shiny Regirock Pokedoll
Registeel shinypokedoll.png Shiny Registeel Pokedoll
Rhydon shinypokedoll.png Shiny Rhydon Pokedoll
Seedot shinypokedoll.png Shiny Seedot Pokedoll
Skitty shinypokedoll.png Shiny Skitty Pokedoll
Smoochum shinypokedoll.png Shiny Smoochum Pokedoll
Snorlax shinypokedoll.png Shiny Snorlax Pokedoll
Substitute shinypokedoll.png Shiny Substitute Pokedoll
Swablu shinypokedoll.png Shiny Swablu Pokedoll
Togepi shinypokedoll.png Shiny Togepi Pokedoll
Torchic shinypokedoll.png Shiny Torchic Pokedoll
Totodile shinypokedoll.png Shiny Totodile Pokedoll
Treecko shinypokedoll.png Shiny Treecko Pokedoll
Venusaur shinypokedoll.png Shiny Venusaur Pokedoll
Wailmer shinypokedoll.png Shiny Wailmer Pokedoll
Wynaut shinypokedoll.png Shiny Wynaut Pokedoll


Blackpokeballrug.png Black Pokeball Rug
Bluepokeballrug.png Blue Pokeball Rug
Brownpokeballrug.png Brown Pokeball Rug
Cyanpokeballrug.png Cyan Pokeball Rug
Greypokeballrug.png Grey Pokeball Rug
Greenpokeballrug.png Green Pokeball Rug
Lightbluepokeballrug.png Light Blue Pokeball Rug
Lightgreypokeballrug.png Light Grey Pokeball Rug
Limepokeballrug.png Lime Pokeball Rug
Magentapokeballrug.png Magenta Pokeball Rug
Orangepokeballrug.png Orange Pokeball Rug
Pinkpokeballrug.png Pink Pokeball Rug
Purplepokeballrug.png Purple Pokeball Rug
Redpokeballrug.png Red Pokeball Rug
Whitepokeballrug.png White Pokeball Rug
Yellowpokeballrug.png Yellow Pokeball Rug


Blackumbrella.png Black Umbrella
Blueumbrella.png Blue Umbrella
Brownumbrella.png Brown Umbrella
Cyanumbrella.png Cyan Umbrella
Greyumbrella.png Grey Umbrella
Greenumbrella.png Green Umbrella
Lightblueumbrella.png Light Blue Umbrella
Lightgreyumbrella.png Light Grey Umbrella
Limeumbrella.png Lime Umbrella
Magentaumbrella.png Magenta Umbrella
Orangeumbrella.png Orange Umbrella
Pinkumbrella.png Pink Umbrella
Purpleumbrella.png Purple Umbrella
Redumbrella.png Red Umbrella
Whiteumbrella.png White Umbrella
Yellowumbrella.png Yellow Umbrella

Water Floats

Blackwaterfloat.png Black Water Float
Bluewaterfloat.png Blue Water Float
Brownwaterfloat.png Brown Water Float
Cyanwaterfloat.png Cyan Water Float
Greywaterfloat.png Grey Water Float
Greenwaterfloat.png Green Water Float
Lightbluewaterfloat.png Light Blue Water Float
Lightgreywaterfloat.png Light Grey Water Float
Limewaterfloat.png Lime Water Float
Magentawaterfloat.png Magenta Water Float
Orangewaterfloat.png Orange Water Float
Pinkwaterfloat.png Pink Water Float
Purplewaterfloat.png Purple Water Float
Redwaterfloat.png Red Water Float
Whitewaterfloat.png White Water Float
Yellowwaterfloat.png Yellow Water Float


Redapricorn.png Apricorn Tree
Tree.png Berry Tree
Bluepicketfence.png Blue Picket Fence
Bolder.png Boulder
Box.png Box
Chair.png Chair
Celestial altar.png Celestial Altar
Clothedtable.png Clothed Table
Endtable.png End Table
Pokegift.png Event Poké Gift
Tresshrine.png Fiery Shrine
Fridge.png Fridge
Unoshrine.png Frozen Shrine
Greenfoldingchair.png Green Folding Chair
Gymsign.png Gym Sign
Hiddencube.png Hidden Cube
Hiddenpressureplate.png Hidden Pressure Plate
Icyrock.png Ice Rock
Masterchestfront.png Master Chest
Mossyrock.png Moss Rock
001.png Photo
Picketfence.png Picket Fence
Pixelgrass.png Pixelmon Grass
Spawner.png Pixelmon Spawner
Pokechestfront.png Poké Chest
Pokemonpainting.png Pokemon Painting
Dosshrine.png Static Shrine
Timespacealtar.png Timespace Altar
Trashcan.png Trash Can
Tree.png Tree
Tv.png TV
Ultrachestfront.png Ultra Chest